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Established in 2019, A Plus Billing Service provides professional third-party billing and consulting solutions to healthcare organizations across the United States. Our team offers a wide range of billing and revenue cycle management services for myriad medical practices and specialties.

By using digitally optimized reporting tools, we enable accelerated cash flows and high collection rates for our customers while also ensuring full compliance.

We also help healthcare companies eliminate their reimbursement denials and give them a streamlined, simplified and an error-free medical billing process. The idea is to help them get paid faster and more efficiently.

When you partner with A Plus Billing Service, we focus on your financial health so that you can focus on your patients’ health.


Ann Marie, the President of A Plus Billing Service brings more than 25 years of experience in the domain of medical billing for healthcare service providers and medical facilities.

She is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders and is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Outpatient Professional Coder (COC) and a Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA).


A Plus Billing Service is committed to meeting the specific needs of your practice and making your revenue collection process cost-effective. Our solutions include:

  • Medical Billing – With end-to-end monitoring of claims to optimize reimbursement, increase accuracy, and avoid issues in audits
  • Coding - To simplify filing of claims, reduce denials and maximise revenue while staying compliant with shifting regulations
  • Insurance Appeals – By interacting with insurance companies on your behalf for review of denied claims
  • Collections – To prevent delayed payments and help you collect every dollar you have earned
  • Electronic Claims Submission – To make filing of claims simple and quick leveraging advanced software that maintains in-depth records of your receivables

Our business model is highly responsive and readily scalable for solutions that include but are not limited to:

  • Verifying patient insurance eligibility and benefits
  • Collecting and recording patient demographics in a secure practice management software
  • Ensuring that CPT and ICD-10 diagnosis codes correspond and are currently approved by AMA
  • Verifying procedure codes’ compliance with Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits
  • Ensuring that applicable managed care authorizations and/or referrals have been filed for the services performed
  • Batching and transmitting your claims efficiently to a clearinghouse
  • Filing claim appeals wherever required
  • Updating payments - by patients and insurance companies – to your claims and accounts records
  • Sending patient statements and - where necessary - reminders for soft collections
  • Delivering comprehensive monthly reports on the all the revenue management services provided to your organization
  • Staying in sync with evolving industry standards - for HIPAA and OIG compliance along with medicare, commercial carriers, state and local regulations pertaining to healthcare billing – to serve you consistently
  • Managing PIP arbitration groundwork including certified appeals and fee scheduling

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